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Our Mission is Vision

A local South African business, well established in the ophthalmic medical device market with innovative & quality products.

The product mix we distribute encompasses the adding value principle to patient’s lifestyles.


We focus on providing reliable & friendly service. Our Sales team is extensively trained & dedicated to support our range of products to all role players.

In addition, we provide training for new products & comprehensive instrument care training in both the public & private sector.

Quality Values

Our company values align to a sustainable & ethical medical technology industry that enhances patient access to innovative solutions.

A long-term member of SAMED.

Saphra licence nr. 00000575MDB

Longstanding Suppliers

Sole supplier for global leaders in eye surgery for more than

Focus on Glaucoma Solutions

iStent inject® W is the market-leader from the pioneering experts in Micro-Invasive Glaucoma Surgery

PAUL glaucoma draining device has many innovative design features unified into one device

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Microsurgical Instrumentation & Devices

Cataract Surgery

MST Single-Use Instruments

A Modular System
MST’s micro-instrumentation lines are modular systems that couple universal handles with wide variety of forceps and scissors. The MST Touch Forceps Handle and MST 360 Forceps Handle are compatible with all MST heads (durable and single use), while the MST Duet Handle is only compatible with single use heads.

MST Durable Instruments

19g Packer/Chang IOL Cutters
Facilitating IOL explanation


DFH-0012 DFH-1012

TAKE 5 with the FAB 5

If less is more, then the simple functioning of the FAB 5 is what makes them must-haves when surgeons experience challenging cases in the operation room.
World-renowned surgeons share their experiences with MST’s coaxial micro-instruments that help to make complex cases, simplified

Surgical Knives

Slit Knives

Revision Slit Knives

Filtering Bleb Revision and Needling

Clear Corneal Knives

Sideport Knives

Sideport Knife Straight

Sideport Knifes Trapezoid

Bleb Knives

Filtering Bleb Revision, Needling and Pterygium 

Empowering Surgeons.
Enhancing Patient Outcomes.

Taking the Lead in
Glaucoma Implant Design


1st Canine Paul glaucoma implant in South Africa